In addition to our tabletop photography…

We LOVE producing a variety of photo shoots and collaborating with photographers of all specialities!


We believe that amazing productions begin with good ideas and come to life with great people.  

Every production starts because of a need and a creative spark. Communication is key - by carefully listening to our client’s ideas and asking questions to ensure that we fully comprehend their vision, we are able to obtain accurate quotes from local industry professionals that can bring that vision to life. We work closely with the creatives and photographer to make sure all set, equipment, and crew needs are well met for each project while carefully maintaining expenses on the client’s behalf. Through years of experience in the Chicago photo industry, we are thrilled to bring our clients some of the most incredible and reliable team members in this city to each production.

While we love working on projects from concept to completion, we are happy to tailor our production services to your needs! From finding the perfect location and talent to making sure our clients and crew have healthy (and perhaps more importantly, delicious!) meals on set, we enjoy working on all aspects of a production. Once a production is prepared, we provide all of our clients and crew with a beautiful production book that contains relevant information for every aspect of the shoot.

As soon as we’re on set, the creative torch is passed to the photographer, who is able to give their full attention to creating imagery without worrying about the rest of the production. Meanwhile, we work diligently to keep our clients happy and relaxed, manage and direct the crew, and keep the shoot flowing on schedule and on budget. Our location production kits ensure that we are prepared for any need or emergency, no matter where the shoot takes place. Upon completion of a project, we finalize all of our paperwork in a timely manner and provide clients with a final invoice and well-organized wrap packet to explain all expenses. We also follow-up with the clients, photographer, and crew to make sure everyone was pleased with the outcome of the production, and allow them to ask any questions or voice any concerns. No matter how many projects we produce, we believe that there is always room to grow as we strive to excel in everything we do.

Reach out to our producer, Sasha Jordano, for inquiries or additional information.

m: 630-390-5877

Let’s create something amazing!


+ Set Build, Props & Wardrobe

+ Scheduling

+ Production Books

+ Tech Scouts / Pre-Pro Meetings

+ Catering & Craft Services

+ Post-Production / Retouching

+ Project Wrapping & Billing

+ Estimates

+ Budget Management

+ Location Scouting (Physical or Digital Pulls)

+ COIs and Permits

+ Talent Casting, Management, & Booking

+ Booking Travel & Accommodations

+ Custom Crews

+ Equipment Rental